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La Rana Furniture Miami


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la rana furniture miami – Frommer's South

Frommer's South Florida: With the Best of Miami and the Keys (Frommer's Complete Guides)
Frommer's South Florida: With the Best of Miami and the Keys (Frommer's Complete Guides)
Author Lesley Abravanel lives and works in Miami as a gossip columnist for the Miami Herald, so she knows the Florida scene, what’s hot and what’s not, which restaurants the celebs frequent and sometimes own (and which establishments you might avoid for that very reason).
Lesley covers Florida’s highlights from a resident’s perspective: the South Beach club scene, the best restaurants, hotels at every price point, dive sites in the Keys, baseball spring training, theme parks, the Everglades, the Gold Coast, the Treasure Coast, world-class golf courses, and beaches, water sports, and lots of beach bars.
Miami plays host to several major festivals each year, including Art Basel Miami Beach, the Miami International Boat Show, and the Miami Book Fair International. Ten new hotels opened in 2009, with five more slated for completion in 2010.
Includes a full-color foldout map.

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Sunset Kite over Miami

Sunset Kite over Miami
Miami, Florida
Jul 2009

Miami Skyline

Miami Skyline
Southern end of Downtown Miami on a beautiful afternoon.

la rana furniture miami

Miami: Then and Now
A look at the history of Miami, with stunning contemporary and historic photography and captions describing the development of this famous city. Part of the highly successful “Then and Now” series, this book looks at the changes in this exciting city.